Winter semester


E2-Modul Wirtschaftsenglisch

  • Holger Boos
  • Christian van den Boom
Winter Semester 2023/2024
jedes Semester
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Each course section will focus on vocabulary and phrases as well as general communication skills and styles. Participants will interact frequently in role plays and other practice activities. 

Course grades will be determined by two vocabulary tests, one reading skills test and two oral exams. Materials will be provided through a Moodle course. Participants are greatly encouraged to bring digital devices to class as all materials will be provided online.

Learning Targets:

Sophisticated GPT language models are likely to become ubiquitous tools in international business communication. Very often, their written products are already sufficient to convey basic meaning in grammatically sound texts. However, they are unable to assist in most situations of interpersonal communication as they lack the knowledge of individual rationale, stylistic requirements and situational circumstances. 

This course is therefore designed to improve the participants‘ communication and receptive skills in fields where GPT models are very unlikely to be of immediate assistance in the near future. These include:

  • Communicative Skills:
    • Talking about yourself – Skills, Achievements, Objectives
    • The Language of Negotiations and Discussions
    • Public Speaking and Giving Presentations
  • Receptive Skills
    • Analyzing and Describing Visual Data
    • Speed Reading / Reading for Gist


Die Materialien werden über einen Moodle-Kursraum zur Verfügung gestellt. Teilnehmer*innen erhalten vorab die nötigen Informationen per eMail.

Methods of Assessment:



Zugang nur nach bestandenem Placement Test. Bitte beachten Sie die entsprechenden Meldungen im Newsbereich.