For all MSM study programs, the same persons are responsible for credit transfer - e. g. from previous studies or a semester abroad.

There are the following contact persons for the different subject areas:

Business Administration: Prof. Dr. Marc Eulerich (please click here)

Economics and Statistics: Raphael Becker

Business Law: Dr. Susanne Fessel

Business Eduaction and Didactics: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bienengräber

Business English: Dr. Wanja von der Goltz

E3 Module (Bachelor): please click here

Mobility Slots (Master): Dr. Wanja von der Goltz

Mathematics: Prof. Dr. Volker Krätschmer (Fak. Mathematik)

You can contact the persons listed above if you want to pre-check possible credit transfer, e. g. when preparing for a stay abroad. Official transfer requests need to be handed in at the Exmination Office of your program.

Please note that from studies abroad, usually a maximum of 30 ECST credits per semester can be transferred into your program. Transfer requests that exceed this limit will have to be coordinated in detail with your study program's examination board.