For all MSM study programs, the same persons are responsible for credit transfer - e. g. from previous studies or a semester abroad.

There are the following contact persons for the different subject areas:

Business Administration: Prof. Dr. Marc Eulerich (please click here)

Economics and Statistics: Raphael Becker

Business Law: Dr. Susanne Fessel

Business Eduaction and Didactics: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bienengräber

Information Systems: Dr. Martina Reinersmann

Business English: Dr. Wanja von der Goltz

E3 Module: click here

Mathematics: Prof. Dr. Volker Krätschmer (Fak. Mathematik)

You can contact the persons listed above if you want to pre-check possible credit transfer, e. g. when preparing for a stay abroad. Official transfer requests need to be handed in at the Exmination Office of your program.